Zooey Deschanel vs. Nolwenn Leroy: Two retro hairstyles in duel

Is Zooey Deschanel Hair Layered Is Zooey Deschanel Hair Layered

Hollywood star Zooey Deschanel is the latest since their lively presence in the hit series “New Girl” known like a sore thumb. In addition to her acting talent, it is above all their magical vintage look which has long been on the 34-year-old trademark. Elle Long Klimperwimpern, playful dresses in the retro look and especially their almost legendary bands in Sixties style make Zooey a model for many ladies.

But from now receives the “Our Idiot Brother” star optical competition: The French singer Nolwenn Leroy occurs not only visually in Zooey footsteps, no, the 32-year-old is also an equally talented and acclaimed vocal wonder how Zooey Deschanel , who with her songwriter duo She & Him tours regularly.

but we are interested in mainly the striking resemblance of the two prominent bobs:

Chocolate brown and silky-shiny á la Zooey Deschanel …
Zooey Deschanel has admitted to being a hardcore “Pony Girl” years ago and remains this line until today. The California native bear its mane always waved gently, like kept open and in velvety browns. Characteristic of its retro look is terrible fringed, long Sixties Pony framed the face Zooey wonderful.

… Or mahogany crisscrossed like Nolwenn Leroy?
Nolwenn Leroy is also quite some time with bangs on the road but had the pretty Frenchwoman initially set a preference to an up to the eyebrows reaching straight version. However, in the photocall of “La Chant de la Mer” Nolwenn appeared with Zooey trademark, the frayed Sixties Pony. Even her makeup with rose-colored lips and extra long lashes resembled the actress very.

Care tip: hair oil and hairspray with normal maintenance are the perfect helpers here. They conjure gloss and smoothness, giving the Pony maintenance.

Not an easy decision, but: Who the very pretty retro hairstyle is better?